63 Effective Ways To Weight Loss You Should Know

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Weight loss is important when your body looks like so fatty or not showing what you expect. Keeping body weight is very important for good health. If your weight is high, then there is no substitute for reducing it. Many people are faced with danger while hurrying to reduce weight. So, following 63 ways in this article, remove your excess body weight.

63 effective ways to reduce body weight

1. Make your own food yourself: Maybe you’re not good at cooking. After that, learn a few recipes for cooking your own healthy food.

2. Collect DVDs of Practice: Various ways of physical exercise are now available on DVD. You will get enough benefit by studying and watching such DVDs.
3. Learn the service size: Exclude the idea that eating foods mean eating the dish. Take a small meal in small containers.
4. Take pictures before and after: Take photographs before and after becoming aware of your weight. Compare both photos.
5. Dance: A physical practice like a dance. It is possible to lose weight through this.
6. Learn the good of food: Learn which foods are good for your body and what foods are bad. Then take healthy food accordingly.

7. Bring diversification into practice: If your physical practice becomes monotonous then it will not work. Due to this, there will be diversity in physical practice.
8. Imagine that: Imagine the condition that you want to make your physical condition. This will create your interest.
9. Eat roughage foods: Roughages food provides many benefits including digestive wells. It will also help to reduce the weight of your body by eating more such foods.

10. Walk or bike: Make use of walking or cycling instead of mechanical powered vehicles.
11. Be realistic: Be realistic about weight loss. You can not reduce the body half by practicing only a few days. It is possible to lose about 10 pounds of weight in a month.
12. Do not exclude proteins: One of the sources of protein, eggs, meat, fish etc. These foods need the body even during weight loss. However, if you are a naturopath, then you can choose nutritious foods with the help of nutritionists.
13. Do not take forget to breathe during practice: Do not reduce breathing while exercising. Try to take more oxygen.
14. The bread is excluded: Remove the bread from your diet.

15. Take regular measurements: Take a closer look at the changes in your body as a result of practice. For this keep a tape in your room.
16. Take the rest after work: After work your muscles need rest. So allocate time for rest.
17. Eliminate salad dressing: Salad is a healthy diet. But the use of dressing is harmful to health.
18. Not processed food: Exclude the processed foods in the industry. Instead, practice healthy fresh fruit and eating habits instead.

19. Not Crash Diet: Suddenly don’t leave your favorite foods, which you like most. It can cause serious damage to your body.

20. Not Crash Diet: Take food when you’re hungry. Don’t take oily food, which is attractive to your eyes.
21. Eat five meals daily: If you eat a meal five times daily, it’ll decrease appetite for next time.
22. Do not eat with indiscriminately: Leave the tendency to concentrate on another thing when you’re taking food.
23. Do not skip morning snacks: Breakfast has many positive benefits in the morning. It’s also effective in reducing weight.
24 Turn off the TV before eating: Turn off the TV to pay attention to the food and then sit down to eat.
25. Keep healthy foods: Do not eat junk food on the street. Keep one bowl salad, nuts or fruits.
26. Eat with a few people: Dieting with more people increases your eating habits.
27. List breakfast: Frequent meals such as breakfast help to grow weight. So don’t take breakfast more than 2 times in a day.

28 Keep a note of food: Keep a notebook in your daily routine. It will be easy to understand how much weight is consumed by eating it.

29 Exclude junk food: Buying of harmful food for health and taking home is a problem. So leave it.
30. Please list: Make a list of the reasons why you want to lose weight. Keep an eye on the regular list.
31. Sweets after eating: After eating the right meal some sweet can be eaten. Don’t take sweet in the empty stomach.
32. Pause: Apart from trying to lose weight, it can also be delayed for a short period of time.
33. Share: Share the food with your friends. It also reduces calorie as it will increase friendship.
34. Calculate the holidays: Many people forget about physical exercises on weekends. Leave the habit and apply the holidays.
35. Eat slowly: If you eat slowly, it can be seen eating properly. So the food speed will be reduced.
36. Stay busy: Spend time on a task while you have a lot of time. During the lazy time, your eating habits will increase.

37. Reward yourself: Reward your body with a specific goal of losing weight. Maybe it’s a fun food or drink.
38. Listen to the body: The body will tell you how much food you need to eat. Listen to the body.
39. Leave unhealthy foods: Make a habit of eating healthy foods instead of having unhealthy foods in your diet.
40. Minimize stress: Mental stress is responsible for increasing weight. Reducing stress is therefore very important.
41. Exclude soda: Dry drinks like soft soda is completely removed. Instead, you can drink healthy fresh fruit juice.

42. Read Fitness Magazines and Books: Get some tips for weight loss, fitness magazines or books on this topic. Find out the fitting ways for you from these books. You can keep read the website, here we write blogs on health, business, web, tutorials and technology.
43. Enough sleep: There is enough sleeping requirement for weight loss. Sleeping from seven to nine hours a day.
44. Eat enough water: Many times our brain can’t different between hunger and thirst. Because of this, drinking enough water can reduce the appetite.
45. Get inspired: Work as your inspiration for weight loss.

46. A glass of water before meals: Drink a glass of water 15-20 minutes ago to take food. This will create a suitable environment for digestion in stomach.
47. Love me: Studies show that if you love someone, it is helpful in reducing weight. So love more and more.
48. Drink black coffee: Drink coffee without sugar and milk. It will be helpful to reduce weight.
49. Keep the car away: Park your car in a remote place if it is in a private car. It will need to walk out of the car and walk to the workplace.
50. Kiss: Every minute kiss kills five to six calories. So weight loss can be a way of finding it.
51. Use the stairs: Use the stairs instead of lift when you get the opportunity. This will be beneficial enough.
52 Do not give up: Weight loss work can’t happen suddenly. That is why continue to practice with patience. And suddenly starting or ending physical exercise, it creates a lot of physical problems or illness.
53. Find out friends: Combine with a friend if there is a problem playing the weight loss program alone. Do work together.
54. Take inspiration from the star: Many stars have been successful in weight control. Take inspiration from a favorite star. Such as Indian singer Adnan Sami.

55. Exclude negativity: Negative all aspects of life are harmful. Negative thoughts can lead you back to weight loss. So there is no substitute for leaving is.
56. Get help from the trainer: If you can not determine the weight loss method yourself, then get help from a professional trainer. They are skilled at this.
57. Stay with the positive: Having positive people will increase your mental stimulus greatly. It will also be easy to control weight.
58. Buy good clothes for a slim: If you buy attractive clothes for a slim body, your mind will intend to make you slim, so that your body can wear that clothes.
59. Take the partner: Running alone in the weight loss program alone becomes difficult. But if you have a partner it becomes much easier.

60. Buy sports clothes: Sport clothes is helpful for physical exercise. Try to buy loose clothes.
61. Do some practice every day: Do some practice with your daily activities. It will be easy to reduce weight as it fits the body.
62. Avoid Weight Watchers: For weight loss, there will be a need for weight-measuring instruments to measure body weight. But without using excessive use of this machine, use the tape to determine the size of the body.
63. 30 minutes exercise before breakfast: Minimum 30 minutes exercise before breakfast is also effective for weight loss. Keep in mind that in your exercise, your heartbeat can reach 120 to 130 in minutes.

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