These Seven Methods Of Makeup Will Make You A Model

These Seven Methods Of Makeup Will Make You A Model
These Seven Methods Of Makeup Will Make You A Model - Pixabay

Since makeup is common things, so methods of makeup are available everywhere, but in the article, I’ve tried to present differently. We all want to make ourselves attractive to everyone. Especially girls. It so difficult to find a girl, who does not want to present herself differently. All girls want to present themselves to each and every person separately. But if you do not make proper make-up, you will not be able to enhance the beauty of life. Today, there are 7 correct procedures for Make-Up readers for the SpoilCoconut readers. Come on and know the make-up methods as soon as possible.

1. Lipstick

The main attraction of makeup is lipstick. If you do not give proper lipstick to both leaps properly, then your whole makeup is worthless.
leapstick methods of makeup

2. Eyeshadow

Another important aspect of make-up is the eyeshadow. For the day- use brown or ash, MOV, pitch, earth or base tone colors. For the night use orange, purple, red, yellow, green, blue, deep magenta colors. See how the eyeshadow will be shown in the below steps.
eyeshadow methods of makeup

3. Eyeliner

This is also the important aspect of makeup. If you want to thicken the Eyeliner, first tilt the eyeliner on the eye narrowly. Need to practice many times. See how in the picture.
eyeliner methods of makeup

4. Mascara

If you do not use Mashakara, then it doesn’t seem you have done make-up. First of all, use it in the bottom part of the eyelid, then use for upper eyelid part. As a result, two eyelids Mascara will not get together. We should not share eye cosmetics with another people, it may cause infection. But do not take it every day, because it contains chemicals that are very harmful.
mascara methods of makeup


The powder must use when you do makeup. But always use large brush during use the powder. Take more time to match the skin color. Blend powder with the face by taking more time.
powder methods of makeup

5. Eyebrow

Eyebrows are not born with dense eyebrows. Someone is slimy, someone’s thin, somebody is denser. Those who have little eyebrows, they try to increase with makeup. Always try to take light eyebrow, then it will seem like natural.
eyebrow methods of makeup

6. Foundation

Someone’s skin is bright, someone’s skin is low-bright, someone’s skin sensitive. The foundation shade mixing is a little bit of a hassle.Where from the shop you’ll buy foundation, try to match with your body color. With the bottom part of the hand, where the sun can not go, buy foundation matching with the part of the body. Besides, if your shade-choice is wrong, if you buy more lights or deep than the skin, then use a deep-shade for lights or a light-shade for a dip and mix 2 foundations together. The perfect color will come here. Keep a lot of attention while taking Foundation. Try to use it on the whole face.
foundation methods of makeup

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