Stay Safe From Dandruff In The Winter

Stay Safe From Dandruff In The Winter
Stay Safe From Dandruff In The Winter - ThemePackNet

Winter means dry skin. It is the most discussed issue in the season. But it’s not only the problem but also there have other problems. Among of them, dandruff is main. A lot of hair problems started at this time. In the winter the head skin dry and dandruff affected rapidly. The most worrying matter is that dandruff can’t be removed by using expensive shampoo and oil. But there are many domestic ways to help prevent such problems. It is natural and there have no any side effect. Also, it is alow cost. I always find a natural solution for solving our problems.

In this article writing about dandruff solution. Let know those methods in one sight.
coconut_oil dandruff solution

Coconut oil and lemon juice

There is nothing better than coconut oil for hair and head. And if the lemon juice is mixed with it, then there is no word, it will be amazing 🙂 The mixture of coconut oil and lemon juice is better than harmful chemicals, which helps a lot to remove dandruff. In this case, 2 table-spoons of coconut oil will be mixed with the equivalent lemon juice. Then put that blend into the head. Keep it 20 minutes and then wash hair with shampoo, it is enough.

Methi Hair pack for removing dandruff

By using Methi we can easily get rid of from dandruff. Also, Methi can solve hair fall, hair ripe and lice problem. Furthermore, this medicinal ingredient plays an important role in stamina and hair keeping. A few Methi pieces need to sunk of water all night, in the morning separate it from water and blend. After mixing the crumber with hair and keep minimum 1 hour. Then wash your hair lightly.
yogurt dandruff solution

Yogurt or curd for removing dandruff

Yogurt helps keep the hair healthy, shining and it is very useful to remove dandruff. In this case, a small amount of curd mix with the hair and hair-root. After one hour washes your hair with shampoo. In addition, it is good for health.

Keep reading the blog website and become a smart people. Be careful about your health and mind for living a healthy and happy life.

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