How To Make Fake NID Card

Fake NID Card Genereator
Fake NID Card Genereator

NID full form is National Identity. It’s an important thing. You need the NID card for buying lands, make a passport, make driving license, buy SIM card etc.

Today I’ll write how to you can make fake NID. It’s only for BD(Bangladesh) people. Before going to start, I want to warn you that you’ll not use it in illegal issue. It’s just for fun. Suppose, you’ve applied for NID but you didn’t receive yet, then you can use the fake NID for verifying your Facebook profile, fun with friends etc. I’ll not responsible for your illegal work by using the fake NID.

Here I’ll write about two way to generate fake ID card, if the first option doesn’t work, please try with the second option. The first option is a form generator. You’ll input your father’s name, mothers name, date of birth, address, blood group, signature and attach a photo. After inserting above information press Create NID Card button. It’ll take some times to process your information, then it’ll generate ID card for you. You’ll be able to download the NID without creating an account on the site.

If the first option doesn’t work. Go to the second option, please. I recommend the second option. Here, you’ll get a download link button with text NID PSD Download. A PSD download file will download. PSD mean Photoshop Document. You have to good knowledge of Photoshop to edit the PSD. I’ve used Myriad Pro font for the PSD. You’ll edit the PSD with your own info. Since the NID for only for BD people, you need to know how to write Bangla in Photoshop. You can use Avro or any Bangla typing software. If you unable to edit the PSD or if you’ve no enough things to generate NIDs, you can contact with a Photoshop expert.

So let’s start.

First Option: Form

1. Don’t use same profile picture
2. Birthdate and full name should be same with Facebook profile

Photo(JPG file only):

Name (Eng):

Name (বাংলায়):

Fathers Name (বাংলায়):

Mothers Name (বাংলায়):


Address (Eng): (thana, district, country):

Blood Group:


You agree with above conditions and you’ll not violet the conditions.

Second Option: Edit PSD

Already said above how to edit the PSD. Download the ID card PSD from the download link button.

If you face any problem send us a message from the Contact page with your email. I’ll reply to the email.

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Keep reading and be a smart people.

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