Google Map Work In Local Computer But Not Working In The Live Server

Google Map Work In Local Computer But Not Working In The Live Server

Google map is the largest online map website. We can add our office or business location on the map and also integrate on our website. But in the year 2016 Google bring a huge change in the Google Map technical system. As a result, a normal computer user cannot integrate map on their website. They need to use API(Application programming interface). So they need to hire a developer for integrating map.

Sometimes you may need to use the map without API key. Cause, the API can conflict with other scripts. As a result, a developer faces some common problem to do the work. Like as- map working in the localhost, but when we upload the map HTML files on our live server, we see an error in the below image- “Oops! Something went wrong.This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.
and when you open the console you see the error-
So what is the solution? I have found many solutions. But the solution is special for you if you want to show multiple area markers on your website. Let’s start-


Include jQuery before inserting the JavaScript code:

If you run the code, it’ll work on your local computer, but not on the server. I didn’t use API key for the map-

Now if you upload the HTML file on your live server, it’ll not work. So I’ve written the below code so that you can bypass the API problem. So it’s your solution– how to bypass the Google map API key.

After the above script, write the below JavaScript code:

Here is the live demo of multiple Google map multiple markers with bypass Google map API key-

Hope that you’ll enjoy the article. If have questions, please leave a comment below. Share the solution on your social profile.


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