6 Awesome Tips To Keep Proper Digestion

Dining Table
Dining Table

We eat a lot of delicious food in invitation or festival. But it creates problems if digestion isn’t in right way. Heavy oil-spiced food may cause stomach ache, stomach discomfort, flatulence, pneumatic air emissions or diarrhoea. Most of them are due to digestion.

You can follow some tips for avoiding this type boring problems such as indigestion, acidity, abdominal gas, pneumatic air emission:

* Do not rush when eating. Take times, chewed well when eating. If you hurry when eating the food is not properly digested. Besides, a lot of air enter into the stomach.

* during eating and after eating drinking more water, stomach acids become weak and can not break food properly. So drink a glass of water at least 30 minutes before eating it. There is no more water during eating. After drinking, drink water after a while.

* There is a problem for digestion of different types of people. Those who have lactose intolerance, they can’t eat milk and milk products. Many have problems in sweeteners (eg fruit juice or chocolate, etc.). Someone has problems with bread, barley or pulse type food. Whoever is in trouble, he can catch the good. Therefore, it can not be said that- for the indigestion patient’s milk or sweet is prohibited.

* Smoking, chewing gum and stroke play some stomach-ache and increases the tendency to gas in your abdomen. So, avoid this kind of practice.

* synthetic sugar, extra oil-spiced foods can create a problem in stomach. So be careful when you’re eating those.

* Stomach leaps when constipation. So to avoid constipation, eat frothy foods, drink plenty of water.

Dr. Mousumi Miriam Sultana

Medicine specialist, Ibrahim General Hospital, Mirpur, Dhaka



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