50 Important Questions About Upwork and Profile

Upwork FAQ
Upwork FAQ

If you’re a new Upwork freelancer, you’ll face many problems. Such as payment, client, job success, rating etc. We’ll discuss those in the post.

Question 1: If I submit work for payment, how many days it’ll take to make available payment.

Answer: After submitting work for payment, the client has 14 days to respond. If the client has no response in 14 days the amount will make available automatic.

Question 2: If the client takes action against my work submission and deny to pay me. How to I’ll end the contract since I’ve worked?

Answer: Client can only take two actions: Approve the request and you get your payment or Request Changes wherein you will have to update as needed then resubmit again on the milestone.

Question 3: When my job success score will update?

Answer: ob success scores only update every 2 weeks.

Question 4: May I hide low amount contract from my profile?

Answer: There is no option to hide contracts on profiles. However, only contracts with at least $1 paid will show up on your profile. Also, for Top Rated Freelancers, there is a perk to remove contracts and feedback from their profile: https://support.upwork.com/hc/en-us/articles/219801228

Question 5: Suppose, in the first contract a client paid me $200. After ending the contract he hired me for the next project and paid me $400. Now the client paid me total $600. My question is- Am I able to get 10% fee for last $100? (Since after reaching $500, freelancer will get 10% fee feature). Please explain it.

Answer: Yes, any earnings above $500 from the same Client regardless of how many contracts, it will change fees to 10%.

Question 6: Me and my friend both we are a developer(freelancer) and we have different Upwork profiles for each other. We’ve two PC’s for us. But unfortunately, my friend PC damaged. Now my friend is able to use my laptop?

Answer: You and your friend can use the same computer. There will be no violation as long as you make sure that there are no sharing of accounts. Sharing account would mean that you are allowing your friend to log in your account and vice versa.

Question 7: As a “Top Rated” freelancer, may I able to remove bad feedback from my profile?

Answer: Yes, as long as you are top rated and you want to remove a bad feedback, you can email freelancersuccess@upwork.com and provide the contract number that you would like to have removed.

Question 8: Freelancer is unable to see client feedback before he (freelancer) leaves his own feedback. But the client is able to see freelancer feedback before he (client) leaving feedback?

Answer: No, the client does not see the feedback too. The feedback system is double blind and it will only appear on both the freelancer and client once both parties have left feedback.

NB: Last updated 05 May 2017