5 Ways To Remove Your Food Reluctant Naturally

Healty Foods

Most of the people love to eat. But sometimes you’ve no wish to eat anything. There are many times in the day you can feel. It can happen of many reasons. In liver problems, jaundice decrease food taste. Due to stomach problems or intestinal problems, acidity, infection, or cancer, there are many reasons of food reluctant. Kidney patients have the same problem. The variety of medicines can reduce the taste. It may also be due to depression or anxiety. Again, there have no found any reason of food reluctant after a medical test. It means that the food is becoming tired and tasteless. Without big diseases, there is some way to try to increase the taste.

1. Choose nutritious food:

Those who have food reluctant, they should choose foods that will give more nutrition. For example- vegetables or fruits, grains, nuts, seed foods and protein. For example, fish, meat or milk. Chips, baked foods, fast food will decrease the food intensity of the stomach and further reduce the appetite. Scientists say milk and milk products and fish and chicken meat stimulate the brain hunger. Eat a small amount again and again, if you can’t eat more at a time.

2. Eye attractive food:

Scientists say we eat not only with mouth and tongue but also with eyes and nose. That means, not only the taste of food but also the smell, color and appearance are equally important. So pay attention to the look of food while preparing food. Add different colors and flavors. Such as capsicum, lettuce, tomatoes and different colors. To increase the flavor you can use lemon juice, vinegar, mustard seeds, spices.

3. No more water during eating:

Drink water or liquid between two meals. Not in the middle of a meal. When eating more water or drinking, the stomach will be filled with it. Coffee-tea-juice etc. can make food reluctant.

4. Friends and exercises:

If you eat with friends or intimate person it increases the hungry – it’s approved. So sometimes it is good to invite guests. Do some exercise or physical work every day. This will increase metabolism and increase hunger.

5. What makes vitamins grow?:

Many people use different types of vitamins or tonic to increase their taste. Actually vitamin pills or tonic does not increase hunger. However, the only vitamin that helps to increase the taste is called folic acid. Researchers at the Maryland Medical Center have shown that folic acid can stimulate the heart center or the epitome center. You can find this vitamin in dark leafy vegetables, cabbage, beet, corn, etc. Besides, you will also get it in liver and orange juice.

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